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Joy – Weight Lost = 10 pounds

Joy – Weight Lost = 10 pounds

“I started my fitness journey with Jake almost one year ago to the date! I had originally come in for weight loss and to build up my stamina and get back into shape. I also wanted to be very careful with my body while I was building strength and muscle. After several severe accidents and injuries, I wanted to make sure the trainer I chose could accommodate my needs well. Jake did just that, and much much more! We’ve accomplished so much from meal planning, to weight and fat loss, muscle gains and inches lost, and believe me, I actually had a ton of fun in the process (which is still ongoing!) Training with Jake has been just what I needed to get back into shape. His motivational skills are empowering, even when he’s making you sweat! His positive attitude allowed me to feel for myself that I could accomplish my short term and long term health and fitness goals both at the gym, and in the kitchen in a reasonable amount of time. His nutritional knowledge was my favorite part of our program, as I was able to make meals that were nutritious, delicious and easy to make while going through a grueling graduate program. He kept me on task, and because of this, I have not only achieved my starting goals, but I have made improvements that were not even on my radar: better sleep, faster metabolism, more stamina! I would always recommend Jake, as he can tailor fitness and nutrition routines for anyone from the top athlete, to a formerly injured grad school couch potato, like myself! Go Get Fit with Jake, y’all, you’ll thank him and yourself!” – Joy S.

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