Testimonials - XL Fitness

Del – Weight Lost = 100+ pounds (and still losing)

“I accomplished everything I set out to do. I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape but I was concerned about my back pain and wasn’t sure I ‘could’ lose weight. Jake worked around my back problem and put me on a nutrition plan that fixed my slow metabolism…and I started to see the weight come off. Now I am eating better, I have more mobility, I am still losing weight, and I just feel better. I think everything went well for me, I accomplished everything I wanted to, and I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you very much for the help!” – Del N

Vonny – Weight Lost = 54 pounds (and counting)

“I came to Jacob wanting to put a halt to the out-of-control unhealthy choices (poor nutrition, no activity) and habits I had developed. I wanted to lose weight to prevent potential health issues and fit into smaller size clothes.

I was concerned that a personal trainer would take one look at me and hand me a strict, hyper-healthy, one-size-fits-all list of “do’s” and “don’ts” with a stern admonition to not come back until I’d accomplished it with no considerations being made for my current abilities or lack of “how to” knowledge.

Instead of sensing any judgment for all the past failures that it’s easy to feel shame for, Jacob’s desire to help me get healthy offered me a glimmer of hope that all might not be lost and I might not be completely on my own. He started me exactly where I was with an idea of the goals to work toward but only gave me the responsibility of taking the next step with pretty clear directions on what that step was and how to do it.

Since I started working with Jacob I have had huge, positive, healthy, changes to my eating habits. I’m no longer afraid to walk in the door at the gym and I miss it when I can’t make it. I have increased my strength and cardio endurance. My clothes are smaller, the number on the scale is smaller and my fear of what I can’t do has been replaced with an interest in what I might be able to do.

Jacob – You are a life line to me. I am so grateful that you have the skills to teach me what I need to know about nutrition and exercise and making choices to get healthier, fitter and more active. Thank you for giving me hope that I can change and thank you for constantly encouraging me on the journey. I’m grateful that you are willing to assist me as I sort out my issues surrounding food and help me tackle my self-doubt. I appreciate all the ways you coach me by helping me consider my options, giving me recommendations and direction and not just telling me what to do, but giving me the opportunity for discovery and you do it with a consistently positive perspective.” -Vonny H

Amy – Goal = live healthier

“When I came to the gym, my goals were to get healthy and get strong but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the work. Jacob sat with me and spent time understanding my goals, and put me on a path to achieving them. Jacob was really observant of my words and my body language and seemed to be able to tell when I was really at my limit and not just wimping out. He is a very positive person, and a great motivator. I really appreciate that he always takes a minute or two, even when we don’t have a session, to give me a high five! That is just one of the ways he helps me stay motivated, and I am still showing up almost every day after 3 months.

I would absolutely recommend Jacob if you are considering a trainer. If you aren’t considering one, I would recommend giving him a shot anyway, I would be very surprised if you regretted it. Working with Jake has been AMAZING!
3 months ago I never would have believed I would be where I am today.” – Amy E.

Joy – Weight Lost = 10 pounds

“I started my fitness journey with Jake almost one year ago to the date! I had originally come in for weight loss and to build up my stamina and get back into shape. I also wanted to be very careful with my body while I was building strength and muscle. After several severe accidents and injuries, I wanted to make sure the trainer I chose could accommodate my needs well. Jake did just that, and much much more! We’ve accomplished so much from meal planning, to weight and fat loss, muscle gains and inches lost, and believe me, I actually had a ton of fun in the process (which is still ongoing!) Training with Jake has been just what I needed to get back into shape. His motivational skills are empowering, even when he’s making you sweat! His positive attitude allowed me to feel for myself that I could accomplish my short term and long term health and fitness goals both at the gym, and in the kitchen in a reasonable amount of time. His nutritional knowledge was my favorite part of our program, as I was able to make meals that were nutritious, delicious and easy to make while going through a grueling graduate program. He kept me on task, and because of this, I have not only achieved my starting goals, but I have made improvements that were not even on my radar: better sleep, faster metabolism, more stamina! I would always recommend Jake, as he can tailor fitness and nutrition routines for anyone from the top athlete, to a formerly injured grad school couch potato, like myself! Go Get Fit with Jake, y’all, you’ll thank him and yourself!” – Joy S.

I would absolutely recommend Jacob if you are considering a trainer. If you aren’t considering one, I would recommend giving him a shot anyway, I would be very surprised if you regretted it. Working with Jake has been AMAZING!
3 months ago I never would have believed I would be where I am today.” – Amy E.

Mark – Weight Lost= 24 pounds

“When I first met with Jacob, I wanted to lose weight, and improve my overall health and conditioning. I had concerns about my health and my weight but Jacob gave me a solid plan for both exercise and nutrition that worked. I have lost 38 pounds so far, I have a good bill of health, excellent cardiac health, I’m building lean muscle mass, I’m eating better, and I’m in my best shape in 30 years! Jacob’s input and guidance, especially about nutrition, have been a life changer for me!!”

Mark B

Samantha – Weight Lost – 9 pounds

“Jacob is a fantastic personal trainer. He listens to you and designs the workout to meet your needs. He’s very encouraging and fun during the workout — or, at least, he is for me because that is what I need. He will give you tips and workout plans to complete on your own. But never makes you feel bad even when he knows you aren’t following them.”

Samantha M.