Jake - XL Fitness

Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach 

My passion for health and fitness stems from my personal struggles with obesity. I was extremely overweight, taking medication for high blood pressure and really unhappy. When I lost 75 pounds, it changed my life! I am healthier, more confident and physically able to do things that I never thought possible. I became a fitness trainer and nutritionist so I could help other people, like me, achieve what sometimes seems like the unachievable.

I have struggled with obesity much of my life and know the true struggles of what it really takes to lose a lot of weight. I also know how intimidating it can be for overweight people to walk into a gym where we feel judged, or just looked at. I never could bring myself to do it.

I was an overweight musician in an overly critical industry that had to deal with comments about my weight on a regular basis. There was pressure from band mates, industry professionals, and fans to do something about it. Unfortunately, the “rock and roll” lifestyle just wasn’t very good for my health.  My addiction, and nightly access, to deep fried greasy bar food and sugar made for a horrible downward spiral for the state of my health. I also had a desk job to pay the bills. I literally sat at a desk all day and then ate bar food almost every night. The result of my sedentary, greasy, “rock and roll” lifestyle was that I found myself barely able to walk through the park, on medication for high blood pressure, and dealing with a terrible sense of self-worth.

I made some serious changes, got more active, and finally got my nutrition under control. With those lifestyle changes, a lot of hard work, tons of failures, and a few successes, I was able to lose 75 pounds. I got absolutely crazy about health and fitness, quit my job, and went back to school to become a personal trainer.

I know the struggle, I have the answer, and I can help you.


I believe that everyone can improve their life through fitness. Exercise is the real chicken soup for our bodies and the best prescription for many physical and mental health issues. I take a very scientific approach to health and fitness, I’m a total fitness nerd! I specialize in SUSTAINABLE weight loss and have helped many people reach a healthy weight. Your success is my passion, your happiness is my goal and helping you improve your quality of life is what drives me.


I fix broken metabolisms! If you have struggled to lose weight or were losing weight but it stopped working, then you may be suffering from metabolic damage. Contact me for a FREE metabolic analysis to see if your metabolism may be slowing down and how to fix it.


Portland Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Exercise Science
Portland Community College – Health Older Adult Fitness Certificate
Arthritis Foundation – Certified Walk With Ease Facilitator
CPR/First Aid w/AED Certified

Personal Interests 

Sailing – Sailboat Racing – Water Sports – Hiking – Cycling – Music – Travel – Cooking