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No class is too difficult, no class is too easy!

Every class we offer can be modified for ALL fitness levels.

XL Factor!
Yes!!! This HIIT class is specifically designed to BURN FAT. Full body strength and cardio exercises set to specific interval timing designed to burn fat for up to 2 hours after your workout. We like to think that each bead of sweat is made of the tears of your fat cells as they burn. Every exercise is done at YOUR pace so the intensity level is up to you.
Do you have the XL Factor?

Lift is a 45 min total body strength training class that will help you build or maintain lean muscle mass. Every pound of muscle on your body burns up to an extra 50 calories a day just hanging out on your body, making lean muscle retention a HUGE factor in a healthy metabolism. Condition your body and lift your spirits with us in this total body strength training class that will target specific muscle groups each week.

Stretch and Flex
Stretching to increase or maintain flexibility is a key factor in reducing pain, increasing mobility and movement, reducing your chance of injuries, improving posture, and reducing stress. Come relax and stretch with us. Increase your flexibility as we work through your entire body while targeting your tightest spots.

Core Strength
30 minutes of core exercises. Work on one of the most important muscle groups in your body…your core. Improve your balance, stability, and mobility while helping reduce back pain. This core class will help you get your core in shape while burning calories and fat.

If you want to get a great total body workout that will make you break a sweat but you aren’t quite sure what you’re ready for…this is a great place to start. A total body workout with cardio, core, and strength training that you can do from a chair. Great for beginners and anyone with mobility limitations.

Saturday Movie Matinee
Every Saturday afternoon we’re having a movie matinee in the gym! Watch a movie while you get moving!!
Burn up to 600 calories while walking on a treadmill, burn up to 900 calories while using the elliptical or stationary bike in 90 minutes.
We’ll dim the lights, warm up the cardio equipment, and play an awesome flick.