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Mission Statement

XL Fitness believes that we all deserve an environment in which we can feel comfortable to pursue our health goals.

The Story…

The reason I wanted to start an overweight-only gym is because I used to be Class II Obese. I had to lose about 30 pounds to be “just” obese. At that time, I would have NEVER walked into a gym. I found them too intimidating, I was afraid of feeling judged and stared at. Despite all that, I managed to lose 75 pounds and I got all crazy about health and fitness. I wanted to help people, just like me, who were overweight/obese lose weight and feel better.

So I quit my job, went back to school, got a degree in exercise science, and studied nutrition. I got hired as a personal trainer before I even graduated, and I was thrilled to finally start helping people. What I discovered was that I was not alone in feeling “gym-timidation” (it’s a real thing). I found that far too many overweight and obese people also don’t like going to gyms. Even though I truly loved working with every person I met in every gym I worked for, I still wanted to work with more overweight people who were struggling to lose weight, be more fit, or deal with (or prevent) diabetes. So, once again, I quit my job at gym #3 and started XL Fitness.

I am so glad I did. As the 1st overweight-only gym in Portland, I am helping the exact type of people that I dreamed about working with in college. I am building a community of support that you won’t find in other gyms. We are all in this together, we have all walked in the same shoes and we are all working towards similar goals. WE ARE A TEAM, and we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Come see for yourself and join our AMAZING community at XL Fitness.

Meet The Owner


Personal Trainer – Nutrition Coach

I have struggled with obesity much of my life and know the true struggles of what it really takes to lose a lot of weight. I also know how intimidating it can be for overweight people to walk into a gym where we feel judged, or just looked at. I never could bring myself to do it.

I was an overweight musician in an overly critical industry that had to deal with comments about my weight on a regular basis. There was pressure from band mates, industry professionals, and fans to do something about it. Unfortunately, the “rock and roll” lifestyle just wasn’t very good for my health.  My addiction, and nightly access, to deep fried greasy bar food and sugar made for a horrible downward spiral for the state of my health. I also had a desk job to pay the bills. I literally sat at a desk all day and then ate bar food almost every night. The result of my sedentary, greasy, “rock and roll” lifestyle was that I found myself barely able to walk through the park, on medication for high blood pressure, and dealing with a terrible sense of self-worth.

I made some serious changes, got more active, and finally got my nutrition under control. With those lifestyle changes, a lot of hard work, tons of failures, and a few successes, I was able to lose 75 pounds. I got absolutely crazy about health and fitness, quit my job, and went back to school to become a personal trainer.

I know the struggle, I have the answer, and I can help you.