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Fun Size candy can add up fast!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween means different things to different people, but to our kids who love trick-or-treating it means just one thing…candy, and lots of it.

This can be challenging to some of us parents who are struggling to stick to our diets through the holiday season. But what is the harm in having just one little “fun size” candy from our kids’ stash? Nothing really if it’s just one and that doesn’t trigger a full-on binge.

For me that was a real struggle. I used the excuse of telling myself that taking a percentage of my son’s candy was teaching him a lesson on sharing, being kind, and well…taxation. In reality, this life lesson for my son was an excuse to eat a bunch of candy because I had zero willpower when it came to sugary treats.

At the same time, I would tell myself that it’s just one little “fun size” so what’s the big deal? They are small and don’t have that many calories. If I eat just a few it equals a regular candy bar, right? That isn’t necessarily true but even then, I never just had a few, I would have one of each variety and then maybe one or two extras of my favorites. In the end, I would probably have consumed 10-12 “fun size” candies in a sitting. So how bad is the damage? Let’s take a look at the calorie counts of some of the more popular brands.

In the end, I easily consumer more than 1000 calories (sometimes closer to 2000) “sampling” each variety of my son’s candies and sometimes in one sitting. I probably gained a ½ pound of fat right there where I sat, and it took less than an hour to do it. Make it full pound on the years when I repeated my sampling process the next day.

When it comes to sampling our kids’ haul of candy, use the calorie chart above and choose wisely if you decide to indulge. And remember that it only takes 2 of some “fun size” bars to equal a full size bar.